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It's all about the details 

When we started making our aftercare the most important thing to us was to make a product that anybody could use! 

Being someone with a sensitivity to petroleum and also someone who loved to get tattooed was tough. A lot of artists use a petroleum based product to tattoo and that always gave me skin issues. 

My husband is an artist and had used petroleum products for most of his career so when he started tattooing me we immediately knew we needed to find and alternative product. We had tried some other products that worked but some of his other clients had issues with the ingredients in those. After trying to use probably a dozen products and going through issues with his other clients having allergies to things like fruits, nuts, seeds, waxes and many other ingredients we knew it was going to be hard to find one product that would work for the majority of people unless we developed our own line of hypoallergenic aftercare products. 

After months of research and development we finally had our ingredients list, but now we had to find a formula that would not only work as a great aftercare system but also a suitable tattoo glide for artists to tattoo with. Need less to say we had a lot of trial and error. 

Once we had our formula and we knew it worked it was time to send it our to our test market. We began by sending samples to twenty great artists we knew we could trust to give us a honest opinion. We were amazed by the feedback we received! So impressed we could not wait to get it into the hands of clients to start using it to heal their new work. 

After a ninety day test market run and an overwhelming amount of positive feedback we finally knew it was time to make it official! 

We now have our signature product "Sugar Cookie" our newest scent "Brownie Batter" and a  "Naturally Scented" (a cocoa buttery scent) for people who enjoy a milder scented product. 

For a full list of our ingredients CLICK HERE!

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